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The Bellboy Way



"Taking significant and considerable care of our clients time and valuables." 

Hi my name is Eddie Bell CEO of Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC. If there is one thing I know it's that you and your belongings matter. Without you there is no us. That's why we make it our top priority to listen and take action towards your needs.

Being furloughed in the year of 2020 gave me the opportunity to expand my expertise and find out what the public needed during those challenging times. So I have gathered a team of hard working professionals to handle the back bending and heavy lifting for you. Bellboy Moving is simply a reliable and honest moving company full of helping hands.

In my case, times of uncertainty revealed opportunity for success. When the pandemic began, my career as a flight attendant was put on hold but taking care of my family wasn't. I'm quite handy with a power driver and other tools so I started offering handyman services on several online sites, to the community. I also worked for a reputable moving company. I learned quickly, perfected my skills and decided to teach others and share them with the world.

Why the name Bellboy you might ask? Well, I have 2 brothers, 5 nephews and 4 sons and plenty of hands to help out, no other name would suit this company better.

Additionally, Bellboy Moving & Delivery Co. has been identified as one of the Best Handymen in Arlington and is published on

Our Quality Guarantee

Our movers, drivers and handy men are regularly trained with the latest knowledge and equipment to so that we stay up to date on moving practices, techniques and procedures. Our number one top priority is to make sure our clients valuables are carefully loaded and transported to its final destination. Now more than ever we appreciate you and look forward to making memorable experiences. 

Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC is license, registered, and insured.

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