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Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. 
Service Agreement

I understand and agree that the total bill presented to me at the completion of the move is based on the
actual number of hours (to quarter minute) it takes to finish, multiplied by $125 per hour for 3 movers,
$25 more or less per mover if needed. If we are suppling a truck, there is a one-time, refundable, up to 48
hours prior to the move truck, travel, and reservation fee of $150 per truck which is paid at least 48 hours
before the move and is not included in the final amount due. If we are just providing the labor and moving
equipment, we require a $50 deposit for reservation which is included in the final amount due. There is a
minimum charge of (2) hours. If moving for a predetermined flat fee, the amount will be state in writing.

Upon completion of the move, Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC requires payment in full in the form
of cash, personal check, certified check (payable to Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co.) electronic transfer
or money order. If the personal check is not honored, or any part of your bill remains outstanding for
three (3) business days, you, the customer will be charged the highest rate of interest allowed by law in
the state the move accrued. If steps need to be taken to recover any outstanding amount, this agreement
gives Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC the right to recover the determined amount plus interest,
expenses accrued to collect monies, collection fees and reasonable attorney fees from you, the customer.

Although movers will be as carefully as possible, damages do sometimes occur. If damage is caused by our
services, Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC will take reasonable steps to repair, compensate, or replace
damaged items. If there is damage, notify the Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC representative
immediately. The representative shall complete a damage report before leaving the job site. If you
discover damages after the move, please notify the Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC office within 24
hours of the move. NO damage claims will be honored until the final bill has been paid in full. Bellboy
Moving and Delivery Co. LLC is responsible for the items listed on the Bellboy Moving Details Form, which
are in our direct care and custody. When it comes to our moving coverage, we offer Basic Value Protection
and Commercial General Liability Coverage which comes at no extra cost to you.


By receiving this form, I, the customer, have read this service agreement. I agree to the above listed
terms and agree to have Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC load/ unload my property based on these
terms. If for any reason you do not agree to the terms, or have any questions, please reply in reasoning.

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