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Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. 
Service Agreement

    • Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC 


      You are charged for your minimum amount upfront and if we exceed the minimum amount the remaining balance is to be paid before the last items leaves the truck.  Within 48 hours of the move date, there is a $60.00 date change fee and a $100.00 cancelation fee.


      If we are providing a truck, there is a fee of $150.00 per truck, which is to be paid upfront with the minimum hourly charge. Extra gas fees may apply for distances over 40 miles. There is a $60.00 extra stop fee, if necessary. 


      Your hourly charge is based on the actual number of hours (to the quarter minute) it takes to complete your move, multiplied by $125.00 per hour for 2 movers. $25.00 more per extra mover, per hour, if needed. (For example: $150.00 for 3 movers and $175.00 for 4 movers). Those rates include professional moving services using dollies, blankets, shrink wrap and basic tools.


      If moving for a predetermined flat fee, the amount is noted in your estimate. If that amount is under $500.00, we require the full amount paid before service. If the amount exceeds $500.00, half of it is to be paid before the service begins and the other half as the service is ending.


      If we provide a truck, there is a minimum charge of three (3) hours to be paid upfront, in order to book your move. If we are providing just the labor, there is a minimum charge of two (2) hours to be paid upfront in order to book your move. Additional fees may apply depending on extra services, tools and/or materials needed for the job. Your total charges will be calculated after the service. Other charges include; $30.00 for TV box, $40.00 to take off front door for safe refrigerator transportation, $5.00 for bags.

      We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any move due to safety reasons of any kind and will be paid for the work accumulated up until then, if the job was started but not finished.


      Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC requires final payment in full in the form of cash, debit/credit or electronic transfer. If the bill remains outstanding for three (3) business days, you, the customer will be charged the highest rate of interest allowed by law in the state the move accrued. If steps need to be taken to recover any outstanding amount, this agreement gives Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC the right to recover the determined amount plus interest, expenses accrued to collect monies, collection fees and reasonable attorney fees from you, the customer. 


      Although movers will be as careful as possible, damage does sometimes occur. If damage is caused by our services, notify a representative immediately. Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC will take reasonable steps to collect information for a claim. The representative shall complete a damage report before leaving the job site. NO damage claims will be honored until the final bill has been paid in full. Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC is responsible for the items listed on the Bellboy Moving Inventory Form, which are in our direct care, custody, and control. 



      I, the customer, have read this service agreement. I agree to the above listed terms and have agreed to have Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. LLC load/ unload my property based on these terms. (Claims are covered under Basic Valuation Protection. This is not insurance and is not value based.)

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