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Moving Tips

Bellboy Moving and Delivery Co. believes in responsibility,

safety, and security.

Here are a few moving tips you should consider before your

move. (Be sure to read completely)

Have all your cords and electronics moved or boxed away for quick and easy furniture


Bring down all wall hangings and place them in a designated area in preparation for safe and

secure loading.

All smaller items should be placed in boxes or bags as well as sheets and covers.
Make sure there is a clear walking path your movers can follow while working to avoid

possible injury or property damage.

Remove all items and clothes from drawers and dressers so that we don't compromise the

materials integrity, also it makes items easier to carry.

Label all boxes to match the appropriate rooms so your movers don't have to ask you where

each one is going.

Try not to use open boxes or bins because it makes stacking them more difficult and easier

for items to fall out and be damaged.

Please make sure all children and pets are being monitored to avoid injury or property


Perform all valuable electronic checks with your movers to verify their conditions before and
after moving them. (Turn all TVs on to verify they work properly with your movers and be sure to have a box for the Tv. If you don't have one, we will provide on at a slight upcharge of $30.00).

Please be available on the move, to help direct and instruct your movers.

Be sure to inform your movers of items with significant value.

Note: We can reserve the right to refuse service due to safety reasons. We cannot transport hazardous
chemical liquids due to possible client unsecure packing liabilities.

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